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GeoFORCE Alaska is open to students from Alaska’s North Slope Borough. Students apply to the program in eighth or ninth grade. Science teachers, principals, and counselors in our targeted schools aid us in selecting talented, qualified students interested in math and science. Students are selected on the basis of grades, an essay, and a teacher recommendation.

The high population of Alaska Natives students in the program reflects the demographics of the target communities. Students must earn at least a “B” average in all high school science and mathematics courses to be accepted into and remain in the program. Our goal is to encourage academic success throughout all four years of students’ high school career.

The four-year GeoFORCE Alaska program is designed to expose students to a wide variety of geological concepts and skills. By the time students finish the program, they will have a strong background in basic geology. The original cohort of students will graduate from the program this July.

This approach creates a very solid cohort of students who form lasting friendships, challenge and support each other throughout the academic year. GeoFORCE Alaska offers opportunities for friendship with like-minded peers, something that is critically important in adolescence.

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GeoFORCE group photo at Crater Lake 2014