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Returning GeoFORCE students! Are you excited to reunite on your fourth GeoFORCE academy trip this summer?! We are so excited to have you back.

Over the past three years, you have studied how sediment moves throughout Alaska, traveled back in geologic time at the Grand Canyon, and imagined an entire side of a mountain being blown away at Mount St. Helens. This summer, together we will study structural geology as we drive through the Rocky Mountains region, with field stops in Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. You will be working alongside students from GeoFORCE Texas this summer as we visit field stops and study for the daily quizzes. We are so excited for you.
Take some time to apply, using the link provided on the Apply site of this page. It’s your last essay, so make it a great one!

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GeoFORCE Alaska students hike on the Matanuska Glacier during the 2012 academy trip in Alaska.