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This summer’s academy is going to be a memorable experience for all of those in the GeoFORCE family. The GeoFORCE Alaska original cohort is graduating from the program this summer. These students, recruited as 8th graders in 2011 and in 2012 began their four-year experience with the Alaska academy trip, are finishing their capstone academy trip in July. They will graduate from high school next May – another accomplishment we are looking forward to celebrating with them!

GeoFORCE Alaska has accumulated some amazing stats already. At the end of four years, students will have traveled to 77 field stops across 9 states; learned 270 new geo-words during 31 lectures; taken 32 quizzes and exams; stayed in dorms on 5 college campuses; and eaten an uncountable number of Subway sandwiches! Thank you to the 20 different sponsors who have supported the students over the past four years.

GeoFORCE has encouraged and aided academic and personal growth among our students; follow geoforcealaska on Instagram to read student essay quotes reflecting on their GeoFORCE experience. One of my favorites came from a student who talked about the past three academy trips and said, “There is still more to discover.” That kind of curiosity will take our students far in this world.

This summer, the North Slope students will meet up with 20 students from the GeoFORCE Texas program. We will all be on the same bus, together in counselor groups, during quizzes, and in the field. Students will be challenged again; not only have they learned to work and excel in small counselor groups with students from different villages, now they will have an experience to work with students from an entirely different part of the US, and experience first-hand how different perspectives can enhance learning.

Students from Alaska and Texas have met briefly on past trips, and the results were great. I can’t wait to see the students excel as they meet new friends, learn new geo-words, and have an amazing time on this summer’s academy trip.

Anne, Program Coordinator

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