THANK YOU to all our GeoFORCE Applicants! We are no longer taking applications for the 2024 program.

Students from the North Slope, Northwest Arctic, and Interior are invited to apply for in the First-Year Academy in June, 2024. This first year will be an exploration of Alaska, including Denali National Park and the Matanuska Glacier.

Academy Schedule

The tentative dates for the First Year Academy in 2024 are June 3rd through June 14th, 2024.


Applications Closed

We are so excited to have received so many applications from students from the Interior, North Slope, and Northwest Arctic. We are in the process of reading all the applications and will be getting back to students before the end of December, 2024.

Application Requirements 

  • Open to rural 8th and 9th grade students in the North Slope, Northwest Arctic, and Interior.
  • Write two short essays. Essays that do not include multiple complete sentences will not be considered. 
  • Submit school transcripts.
  • Ask a teacher, counselor, or coach to provide a recommendation.

Application Materials

Essay Prompts:
  1. Describe an experience you had in the classroom, or outdoors, that you were excited about. What did you do, and what was interesting or fun about it?
  2. Why are you interested in GeoFORCE? Describe two things that you hope to gain by participating in this 4-year program. These could include things you would like to learn, do, see, or become.
Students should answer each question in a paragraph or two. Answers should be approximately 1 page (double-spaced) each, but length will vary. Just be sure to answer the question and include some details. We highly recommend writing these out and then copy-pasting them into the essay questions on the application form. Essays that do not include multiple complete sentences will not be considered. 

Teacher Recommendation 

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