Three Reasons to Love GeoFORCE

The momentum for GeoFORCE Alaska is growing, and financial support is vital to the advancement of the program. If you are interested in sponsoring our students, please visit the CNSM Giving page, and indicate the gift is intended for GeoFORCE.

We’re Committed

The four-year structure of our program is unique. We recruit students in 8th and 9th grade while they are still exploring career options. Our goal is to spark their interest in the geosciences early and maintain that interest through high school and into college.


We’re Hands-on

GeoFORCE empasizes hands-on field projects and experiential learning. Students learn best when they can use tools and technology to tackle field-based projects at spectacular geologic sites.


We’re Building Communities

Each cohort includes a strong group of like-minded students and mentors. The experiences they share help build teams and strengthen friendships. These connections support the students as they move through their education and into their careers.

Contact Us

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